Saturday, August 04, 2007

black beans and rice

Just back from traveling around Cuba. I cannot say enough about this country or the people. Havana is my favourite city in the world. I am back 24 hrs and everything seems silent, no spontaneous street parties, no reggaeton blasting out of a 50 yr old speaker held together with rubber bands and recycled parts. I feel privileged to have travelled there and met such awesome people. Thanks so much to everyone i met along the way and for putting up with my Spanglish. Highlights were Cuban black beans and rice, picking wild mangoes for breakfast, swimming with barracuda and moray eels, travelling through the sierra maestras where Che, Camillo and Fidel fought there way into history after being reduced to just 12 men at the start of the revolution. Casa de la musica, street parties, happy kids playing safely in streets at night, watching my travel partner get treated by a Cuban doctor and getting a blood test result back in under 10 minutes.
Having to turn back to the airport 10 minutes into a twin prop 40 seater internal flight with "technical problems". Listening to people talk about the revolution, communism, the pros and cons, the embargos and their resolution despite all the hardship to remain proudly Cuban. I think when Fidel goes it will all change, the revolution is still there but the kids want ipods. The embargoes and sanctions against the country will never destroy the country or the will of its people. Its a fruitless act which brings only pain to ordinary Cubans. ironically i think Fidel would have gone years ago if all the sanctions had been lifted. i hope i can return.


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